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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless People have often rightfully pointed out that we here at OSNews do not seem to pay a lot of attention to RIM and its BlackBerry mobile operating system. Those people are right, but it stems from the fact that I simply have never actually seen, let alone used, a BlackBerry, which makes it very hard to write about. I'm hoping this will go a little way into turning that frown upside down: today, RIM demonstrated version 6.0 of its BlackBerry operating system. And it's on OSNews' front page.
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Comment by tessmonsta
by tessmonsta on Tue 27th Apr 2010 18:45 UTC
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Did they even mention the WebKit browser? They've been promising that for what feels like years.

It's annoying that no devices or UI shots were revealed (aside from those in the video). I would have loved to see an actual UI rather than a canned video. *sigh*

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