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Hardware, Embedded Systems Invented by IBM, the death knell sounded by Apple. Sony has announced it is going to cease selling diskettes altogether, with the last bastion being Japan. Sales will be ceased there too, even though Sony still managed to sell 12 million of them there last year. While Memorex and Imation still produce and sell diskettes, this move by Sony surely means it won't take long for the rest of the market to vanish, too.
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by frood on Wed 28th Apr 2010 09:37 UTC
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In case you're wondering - I prefer the term 'diskette' for the 3.5" variants, and reserve the term 'floppy' for the 5.25" and 8" variants, for obvious reasons.

The term floppy refers to the disc inside the plastic shielding. Also hence the term "disc".

I think it's a shame, in some ways. XP installs require a floppy disc for adding raid drivers which is just easier than slipstreaming drivers into the install image.

Firmware upgrades, too. It just seems wasteful to use an entire CD for this.

On the other hand, of course, it's rare to find a PC with a floppy drive anymore. I don't think cases even have a slot for them. So unless you come armed with a USB floppy drive, a CD is always the best safest bet anyway.

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