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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Yeah, we're continuing with the mobile news for now. As it turns out, there are two ways to deal with ever increasing competition. Where Apple sued HTC, Microsoft has decided to do what it does best: they're trying to extract some form of profit out of the rising popularity of Android phones. This morning, the Redmond giant announced it signed a patent licensing agreement with HTC.
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RE: not always pragmatic
by lemur2 on Thu 29th Apr 2010 01:19 UTC in reply to "not always pragmatic"
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I think tomtom will attest to that with the FAT32 problems they had. They eventually managed to solve it, but all companies use patents in a bad way most of the time.

TomTom could have used a Linux kernel that did not violate Microsoft's FAT patents (which, BTW, is not a patent for FAT itself, but rather a patent for a method of writing both a long filename (LFN) and a short filename (the old 8.3 style filename) for the same file on a FAT32 filesystem).

See here:

However, Microsoft probably offered TomTom a deal such that it was far easier, quicker and cheaper to settle out of court with Microsoft rather than take this to court.

I'd imagine that most of these issues are similar. Linux doesn't infringe but it is easier and cheaper to settle with Microsoft out of court than it would be to take it to court.

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