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Linux Last Monday we reported that Synaptics would be releasing its Gesture Suite for use by Linux OEMs, so they can add multitouch and gesture features to touchpads on Linux laptops. Since many people install Linux by themselves, I wondered if they would make the Suite available for individual users as well - I posed them the question, and the reply is that they're looking into it.
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My major gripes with Synaptics
by Quietleaf on Thu 29th Apr 2010 04:53 UTC
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1.They stopped support for Windows 2000 with the 11.x driver series. The newest driver available for Windows 2000 that I could get is 11.2.15, 17-Oct-2008. I really would like to know why the newer drivers won't it technical or did they simply decide not to test it on Windows 2000?

2. The driver isn't smart enough to disable the touchpad if you plug in a USB mouse. There's an app at MSFN that will do this, but it's a workaround for something that really should be in the driver. Of course, even if Synaptics added it, they wouldn't update the Windows 2000 driver, so it's not as if that helps. Anyhow, here is a link to the disable utility...

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