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General Development I think it's about time we got an Adobe category. Apple recently made public an API to allow OS X software access to hardware H.264 acceleration (albeit such acceleration is only available on chipsets since the Nvidia 9400M--early 2008) and Adobe have already baked this in to a beta preview of Flash 10.1 "Gala"! Update: Steve Jobs himself weighs in on Flash (via Engadget): "New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and PCs too). Perhaps Adobe should focus more on creating great HTML5 tools for the future, and less on criticizing Apple for leaving the past behind."
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lets not forget...
by darwinOS on Thu 29th Apr 2010 14:18 UTC
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some people seems to forget that from very begin of the iPhone Apple wanted all the Apps to be build in HTML5 ; but developer wanted to write it in Cocoa, like Apple did and does. Now it is possible to write apps in Cocoa and people want a bazaar where everyone can do what ever he wants. Let not be that naive - There are people out there that wants all our data. Apple have found a way to make as much money as possible from the iPhone and they will not give that away! I'm afraid the Appstore will remain the only way to deliver apps for iphoneOS based devices. it's sad but lets see what the concurrence will deliver...

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