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Editorial Holier-than-thou, an adjective, meaning "marked by an air of superior piety or morality". Everybody has moments in their life where they get into a "holier-than-thou" attitude, and I think Steve Jobs' open letter regarding Adobe, and Flash in particular, really fits the bill. There are three specific points I want to address to illustrate just how holier-than-thou, hypocritical, and misleading this letter really is.
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RE[3]: Comment by DrillSgt
by REM2000 on Thu 29th Apr 2010 18:05 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by DrillSgt"
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The Mac version is 32bit aswell, this topic has been raised again and again. 64bit will not really make iTunes run any faster, it's not using over 2GB per process in windows, my itunes hovers around 200MB on my Mac. There won't be any benefits from the registers on a 64bit processor, so i don't know what 64bit will bring to the table both for windows and mac.

iTunes is slow because it does too much, they should have broken iTunes down into more separate apps, perhaps that would speed it up. Music, video etc. with a iphone/iphone sync app that plugs into them all, as itunes currently does with iPhoto.

64bit iTunes in windows just provides the drivers for burning a CD.

As for the topic of hypocrisy, i think apple are quite open with some of their tech, such as CUPS, webkit etc. Of course they could be more open but it's not going to happen. As for the platform as a whole, to have the mac experience you lose certain choices, the same way you do if you use windows instead of Linux.

Throughout this war ive been on the side of apple, HTML5 videos in youtube run with little cpu power (10% if that), flash videos run at about 70% on the mac. I think HTML5 is the way to go, it's a lot more open than Flash, its not perfect by any means as the codec powering some of the content is up for debate, but at least HTML5 gives us that choice.

The platform might be closed on a mac, but their interaction with other computers is very open, webkit browser, using samba for sharing to other SMB network, cups drivers, VNC remote access etc..

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