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NetBSD "Since early 2009 NetBSD and rump has supported execution of stock kernel module binaries in userspace on x86 architectures. Starting in -current as of today, kernel modules will automatically be loaded from the host into the rump kernel. For example, when mounting a file system in a rump kernel, support will be automatically loaded before mounting is attempted."
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RE[2]: Very interesting
by strcpy on Thu 29th Apr 2010 18:42 UTC in reply to "RE: Very interesting"
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I'd really like to see some (rigorous!) performance measures. It sounds technologically nifty, but I'd also expect a significant performance hit (from wandering back out of the kernel and into userspace again, and then probably at some point crossing the kernel/userspace boundary the other way several times while the driver operates).

Me too. I am not sure where they are heading with this, but on the other hand, many things are not performance-critical. Anyone know if they are using this by default for... I don't know, say FAT file system or USB sticks or something like that?

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