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Microsoft Now this sucks. We've encountered several 'leaks'over the past few months regarding a 'secret' project within Microsoft called Courier. The demonstrations showed a highly innovative dual-touchscreen tablet thingamabob that combined multitouch and pen input to create a completely new user interface. Today, Microsoft confirmed the project's existence (yay!)... By cancelling it (boo!).
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They are not ready yet
by theorz on Thu 29th Apr 2010 21:48 UTC
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Right now Microsoft is not ready to launch a new platform like Courier.

They have had a lot of success layering features on a backwards compatible product. It has worked well and Windows has beaten many (arguably better) competitors over its lifetime because of backwards compatibility.

Now backwards compatibility is losing ground to user experience and a good web browser in regards to what consumers are looking for, but it is not there yet. Devices like the iPad are making inroads into into the average home like no windowsless computer before it. But this is still a small market.

Do people really expect Microsoft to join the leading charge into a web based, legacy application free world? They are going to keep trying to jam full windows onto these devices to preserve their historical advantage.

Now this does not mean they will never release a tablet with an OS designed for a tablet, as their Windows Phone 7 will (hopefully) show they are very capable of creating a new OS with a great user experience. If the iPad along with the coming round of Android and WebOS tablets do start cutting deep into into the home user market Microsoft will be there with a real tablet OS of their own.

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