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Editorial Holier-than-thou, an adjective, meaning "marked by an air of superior piety or morality". Everybody has moments in their life where they get into a "holier-than-thou" attitude, and I think Steve Jobs' open letter regarding Adobe, and Flash in particular, really fits the bill. There are three specific points I want to address to illustrate just how holier-than-thou, hypocritical, and misleading this letter really is.
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what part of And stop confusing software licenses with the constitution of the Unite States of America.

you didn't understand?

At what point did I even go into licenses? Do you not know the meaning of context? I took exactly what you said and put it in a much broader context. If you think it sounds ridiculous, perhaps that's because it *does* sound ridiculous when you actually extrapolate to a broader point of view. What you said was that people don't have the right to choose crap if others may be subjected to it. I think, as I said in my example, religion is crap. By your logic then, *you* would have no right to it because it inconveniences *me*. Ridiculous? You bet your ass it is, but that is where your logic would lead everyone if applied. It's no different, in this case, if applied to technology versus life issues. You want a more technological example? Fine, here you go. I think Windows sucks, and it's inconvenient that I have to go through that damn mess of a registry to remove a virus from someone's computer when Norton has fscked up the computer worse than the virus already did. Their choice has inconvenienced me, therefore they have no right to use Windows or Norton. Clear enough?
At no point were licenses, or the constitution, brought into this. Maybe you need to work on your reading comprehension skills?

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