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Internet Explorer I am almost flabbergasted by the spin and blunt-face upon which this news is delivered. We were just discussing the pot calling the kettle black with Apple / Adobe and now Microsoft have also come out in favour of a closed video format for an open web--IE9's HTML5 video support will allow H264 only. Update Now that the initial shock is over, I've rewritten the article to actually represent news rather than something on Twitter.
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by poundsmack on Thu 29th Apr 2010 23:25 UTC in reply to "Comment"
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this does suck. later releases of IE9 will suport other formats (at least 1 other, VP8). Microsoft will be playing a wait and see aproach for 10. if other formats are taking the place H264 they will likely include them, but MS is hoping that H264 destroys the others so that they don't have to do more work.

Microsoft and Apple want to stear the web here and i can understand why they are doing this from a technical stand point and an industry business stand point. BUT! as an advocate of choice, of open standards, and of having options, this does upset me...

we will see how this plays out, and believe me, MS hasn't totally ruled out suporting more codecs, they just won't do it off the bat.

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