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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, if we had one of those obnoxious "BREAKING!"-tags on OSNews, this would definitely fit the bill. While we were busy discussing whether HTC or Lenovo would snap up Palm, another major worldwide computer company picked up the Sunnyvale-based mobile outfit: Hewlett-Packard has bought Palm. Updates from the conference call inside.
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RE[2]: Everyone wants a share
by looncraz on Fri 30th Apr 2010 03:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Everyone wants a share"
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Credit where credit is due, if Apple comes up with something, others tend to follow suit. PC, laptops, now phones and in the not too distant future, tablet computers. The only consumer electronic hardwares that wasn't an Apple creation that comes to my mind is the netbook and the regular cell phone.


PC: Apple was a good innovator for a while
( read: up until about 1985, then again, artistically, with OS X ). The best thing that came out of Apple was BeOS, and that was made by ex-Apple employees.

Laptops: Apple was pretty late to the scene, here and haven't done much enviable innovation.

Phones: The ONLY thing the iPhone brings to the market is a cute little package. The iPhone has no significant innovations over my Palm Treo 650. Apple did do one thing very well, however: trick people into paying MUCH higher rates to AT&T for the SAME service ( do some pricing! ).

Tablets: Here, the biggest innovator, IMHO, was Be, INC. I actually owned one of the BeIA Tablet prototypes, it was a very nice device and MUCH more capable than the iPad ( adjusting for the era, mind you ). Seriously, there isn't anything innovative about the iPad, it is just another gimmick. And Apple is not an innovator here, either.

Seriously, though, Apple doesn't need to innovate. They figured this out: If you make it pretty, those without knowledge will buy it in droves. If all those people buy it in droves, more developers will come which will make things better for everyone.

Problem, now, is that Apple doesn't know how to support an open development environment, the company is run by lawyers, it seems.

The company is a real A** HOLE in the market place.

--The loon

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