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Editorial Holier-than-thou, an adjective, meaning "marked by an air of superior piety or morality". Everybody has moments in their life where they get into a "holier-than-thou" attitude, and I think Steve Jobs' open letter regarding Adobe, and Flash in particular, really fits the bill. There are three specific points I want to address to illustrate just how holier-than-thou, hypocritical, and misleading this letter really is.
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Thom seems to be the real hypocrite
by Ronin48 on Fri 30th Apr 2010 15:10 UTC
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Your editorial is irrelevant. I can easily argue that Jobs is not being hypocritical and holier-than-thou but even if I grant that he is, HE IS STILL CORRECT. You even admit as much. Jobs' overall message and individual points were correct. Who cares if you think he is holier-than-thou or hypocritical?

At the risk of being accused of being holier-than-thou, let me enlighten you further. I'll be more-objective-than-thou.


Apple never wants a Mac version of an application to be inferior to the Windows version. The delay of CS5 to Cocoa was a result of Adobe favoring Windows users and it left Mac users with an inferior Adobe product for Mac. Likewise with Office. Apple responds to this when it happens. Witness the development of iWork Suite (Cocoa) as a response to the slow Office:Mac development. Final Cut Pro is best of breed already and will make it to Cocoa eventually but the fact that it is still 32-bit doesn't put Mac users at a disadvantage. Jobs' point about Adobe's delaying the Cocoa transition was not only about the length of the delay but also about how it put Mac users at a disadvantage. It's really not hypocritical and it is certainly correct.


You need to either re-read Job's letter or stop being misleading. NOWHERE in Jobs' letter does he say H.264 is open. He says it is an industry standard. Surely you know the difference. Jobs touts H.264 as being performing better and taxing the battery much less. You are the one being misleading on this topic. Who is the hypocrite again?


Your attacks on iTunes are totally subjective, exaggerated, wrong, and irrelevant. Do you even know that iTunes for Windows is available as 64-bit or were you just lying? Jobs' letter was about Adobe, not iTunes on Windows. Why are you misleading your reader?. Nothing you said about iTunes, even if it were all true (and it's not), would make what Jobs said about Adobe wrong.

Maybe you got confused by Jobs' meaning and intent because English is not your native language. Or maybe you are incapable of critical logical thinking. Or maybe you are being deliberately misleading. Frankly it doesn't matter and you don't matter. Like it or not, Jobs is right about Adobe and Flash.

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