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Internet Explorer I am almost flabbergasted by the spin and blunt-face upon which this news is delivered. We were just discussing the pot calling the kettle black with Apple / Adobe and now Microsoft have also come out in favour of a closed video format for an open web--IE9's HTML5 video support will allow H264 only. Update Now that the initial shock is over, I've rewritten the article to actually represent news rather than something on Twitter.
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Correct, I made a typo there, of course there’s no monopoly on IE9, it hasn’t been released yet! Microsoft still have a monopoly on IE though. It’s still over 50% in most places and as pretty much every computer comes sold with Windows which defaults to IE (and the browser ballot is broken in Microsoft’s favour).

But besides even that, you’re underestimating the amount of clout that Microsoft holds over developers with IE. Why on earth are developers still supporting IE6? And equally, many developers will have been holding off of using HTML5 because “IE doesn’t support it”. IE9 will of course work toward changing that, and it supporting only H.264 will provide a mighty amount of weight in developer’s minds to just forego providing OGG entirely.

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