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Gentoo This blog post details how the Gentoo Developers have added a "deblob" USE flag to remove any non-free code within the Linux Kernel. Its goal is to "remove binary blobs from kernel sources to provide libre license compliance". While we're at it, Kernel News has an in-depth look at Gentoo Linux.
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What's Gentoo like today?
by jebb on Fri 30th Apr 2010 22:03 UTC
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I had a quick look through this; I do have fond memories of Gentoo, even though I haven't run it in years (how time flies...). Last time I tried, probably 3 or 4 years ago, I remember being put off by how long it took to emerge --sync compared to what I remembered. Any current Gentoo user around? Has this improved at all, or kept increasing exponentially?

The article ends with the following:
* Large Community, Easy to Find Help
* Extremely Customizable
* Excellent Performance
* Huge Amount of Software Available
* Always Use the Latest Software Versions
* No Need to Reinstall / Upgrade Every 6-9 Months
* Multiple Versions of Software Available to Install
* Not Many Graphical Configuration Tools
* Installation Takes Forever
* Must be Familiar with Linux to Install / Maintain

From my experience, this misses the (by far) biggest benefit of Gentoo: how much one learns going through an install, especially when one has only ever been exposed to more integrated distributions.

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