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Editorial Holier-than-thou, an adjective, meaning "marked by an air of superior piety or morality". Everybody has moments in their life where they get into a "holier-than-thou" attitude, and I think Steve Jobs' open letter regarding Adobe, and Flash in particular, really fits the bill. There are three specific points I want to address to illustrate just how holier-than-thou, hypocritical, and misleading this letter really is.
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Funny thing about Apple
by darknexus on Sat 1st May 2010 10:50 UTC
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While it doesn't really have any baring on the Flash discussion, I'll put it out there since we're talking about Apple. It's interesting how a company (or rather the top officers of that company) can be such pricks and yet not be pricks at the same time. I hear a lot of people calling Apple evil, and a good number of their practices are evil, and yet they've been putting in a concentrated effort to making most of their devices accessible. Other companies like MIcrosoft have paid lip service to accessibility without actually doing anything. Apple is actually making a phone (not to mention an iPod and iPad) that I can use out of the box without having to pay anything extra for special software. I can lump OS X in there too, although it's not quite as dramatic since I don't have to pay anything for *NIX accessibility either at least for CLI and GNOME/GTK (nothing for KDE yet). So, Apple is making a device that I can actually use at no additional cost. To me, that just isn't evil, that's damn nice especially when they didn't have to put the effort into it that they obviously do. For other phones, I would have to pay an additional $300 for the software to make the phone output in speech. For Windows PCs... well, don't even get me started on what it costs for that. For iPhone OS and OS X, nothing extra. Just get and go. Hopefully there's a competitor soon in Android, I'd love to move to Android. It's accessibility features just aren't there yet though, how accessible is it if I can't even read an email, eh Google?
I guess what I'm saying is that Apple isn't black and white evil. Like any company, or any person for that matter, they do awesome things and they do shitty things. Of late, the shit seems to outnumber the awesome. Three years ago the awesome outnumbered the shit, and I'm sure it'll swing back around again in the near future. In the end, given something more open that I can't use or something closed tight but that I can fully use, the choice is no choice at all.

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