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Amiga & AROS "Hyperion Entertainment CVBA announces the immediate availability of Update 2 for AmigaOS 4.1 for AmigaOne, SAM440EP and Pegasos II for registered users. Note that for this update you must have previously installed AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1. Installation of this Update 2 is required for the upcoming public alpha of Timberwolf [AmigaOS' Firefox port]. This is a minor update which contains mostly bugfixes."
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RE[2]: USB 2.0
by AmigaRobbo on Sat 1st May 2010 15:19 UTC in reply to "RE: USB 2.0"
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he-he! True, but a USB2 driver will be more likely for AOS4.x than an official Windows driver for NT 4 or 95. so that's sorta of a victory..

The upcoming x1000 has no less than 10 USB2 ports, so I'm guessing they'll be a usb2 stack/driver out soon.

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