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Legal Well, this certainly explains a whole lot. Both Apple and Microsoft have stated that the legality of Theora is highly debatable, and as it turns out, they knew more than we do - most likely courtesy of their close involvement with the MPEG-LA. Responding to an email from Free Software Foundation Europe activist Hugo Roy, Steve Jobs has stated that a patent pool is being assembled to go after Theora. Update: Monty Montgomery of Xiph (Ogg and Theora's parent organisation) has responded on Slashdot: "If Jobs's email is genuine, this is a powerful public gaffe ('All video codecs are covered by patents'). He'd be confirming MPEG's assertion in plain language anyone can understand. It would only strengthen the pushback against software patents and add to Apple's increasing PR mess. Macbooks and iPads may be pretty sweet, but creative individuals don't really like to give their business to jackbooted thugs."
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still can't beat the hardware
by elanthis on Sat 1st May 2010 17:26 UTC
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If only some company offered REAL competition against the MacBook Pros.

Have you seen the new 17" models? 9+ hours of battery life (under real, actual usage!), a better-than-1080p resolution screen that is absolutely gorgeous, an actually usable for gaming and real work GPU (two GPUs, in fact), and general high quality parts and design. And it runs Windows 7 beautifully and easily.

All of the competitors can pull off equally powerful systems, and a few even have nice high quality screens, but they cost nearly as much ($1500+) and yet still saddle the user with 1.5 hour battery lifetimes and 5x the bulk and weight. And all of these machines come with crapware-infested Windows installs, making them less pleasant Windows machines than the Apples!

When Dell, HP, Sony, Lenovo, or ANYBODY offers a laptop computer that is actually the equivalent of a MacBook Pro, I will stop telling creative professionals (in my line of work, that's game artists and game developers) to buy Apple. I already tell students and business types to aim for cheaper $500 machines from Dell or ASUS or whoever because those make more sense for their needs. I'd love to be able to point people who really do need a very high end laptop to a non-Apple machine that's actually WORTH that price point, but there simply is no such thing.

Apple gets to be dicks because they make the best products around right now. Until somebody bothers to compete with them on their turf, they'll continue to make a lot of sales, make a shitload of money, and have the freedom to lockdown their software however they want. They very literally have a monopoly on high-end laptops and have very little competition in the high-end desktop space as well.

Heck, I live in Redmond literally across the street from Microsoft's main campus (I'm here for the game companies, but this apartment complex is like 95% Microsoft employees), and I still see more Apple laptops than all the other brands combined. That's how nice those machines are: even the Microsoft people know they're the best hardware you can find, period. Most of the game developers around here use the Apple hardware too, even though Mac OS X is not a "gaming OS" (these are the best Windows 7 machines you can buy, though).

Don't get me started on the iPhones. Android gets great reviews, but I've yet to see anyone who can honestly say that the HTC hardware is in any way preferable over the iPhone hardware. I was looking forward to the HTC Incredible but unsurprisingly it turns out the battery life is barely worth crap and the screen is effectively unusable in sunlight. Give me iPhone-quality hardware on Verizon with Android and I'd be very happy, but once again no such thing exists.

Microsoft gets their monopolies often by being unethical, and then they abuse their position. Apple gets its monopolies by actually making absolutely great products, and then they abuse their position. Either way the monopolies suck, but at least in the Apple case the monopoly could be broken if some company just actually freaking tried to compete with them.

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