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Internet Explorer I am almost flabbergasted by the spin and blunt-face upon which this news is delivered. We were just discussing the pot calling the kettle black with Apple / Adobe and now Microsoft have also come out in favour of a closed video format for an open web--IE9's HTML5 video support will allow H264 only. Update Now that the initial shock is over, I've rewritten the article to actually represent news rather than something on Twitter.
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RE[2]: FUD
by n4cer on Sun 2nd May 2010 02:46 UTC in reply to "RE: FUD"
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Silverlight is capable of playing any media for which you provide a codec (there's apparntly a Vorbis codec in Moonlight's repository, and a Theora codec was shown by another developer not long ago). This would be a better fallback mechanism than relying on the user to install a DShow or MF codec. Silverlight will simply load your codec, then play your media.

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