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Legal Well, this certainly explains a whole lot. Both Apple and Microsoft have stated that the legality of Theora is highly debatable, and as it turns out, they knew more than we do - most likely courtesy of their close involvement with the MPEG-LA. Responding to an email from Free Software Foundation Europe activist Hugo Roy, Steve Jobs has stated that a patent pool is being assembled to go after Theora. Update: Monty Montgomery of Xiph (Ogg and Theora's parent organisation) has responded on Slashdot: "If Jobs's email is genuine, this is a powerful public gaffe ('All video codecs are covered by patents'). He'd be confirming MPEG's assertion in plain language anyone can understand. It would only strengthen the pushback against software patents and add to Apple's increasing PR mess. Macbooks and iPads may be pretty sweet, but creative individuals don't really like to give their business to jackbooted thugs."
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RE: still can't beat the hardware
by kaiwai on Sun 2nd May 2010 05:28 UTC in reply to "still can't beat the hardware"
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If only some company offered REAL competition against the MacBook Pros.

Have you seen the new 17" models? 9+ hours of battery life (under real, actual usage!), a better-than-1080p resolution screen that is absolutely gorgeous, an actually usable for gaming and real work GPU (two GPUs, in fact), and general high quality parts and design. And it runs Windows 7 beautifully and easily.

I am a long time Apple disciple but I can tell you that there is nothing special about the hardware which Apple sells (hence I am looking at going to the Windows world at the end of this year - Mac OS X is dying due to neglect by Apple whose focus is now on i-devices instead a balanced approach between i-devices and computers.

1) The times noted on the website you will never ever get in real life - the MacBook 13.3inch model I have right now promised a battery life of up to 7 hours, I can assure you that in my time that if you set the screen brightness to 3/4 and ran well written applications, you would be luck to hit 4 1/2 on a good day. If you wanted that sort of time you can easily purchase a Dell laptop and upgrade the battery to a 9 cell one or get an HP laptop and install a 12 cell battery thus still putting it under the cost of a MacBook Pro.

2) Mac OS X time to shine was when it was competing against Vista; Vista was to Mac OS X as the P4 was to the Athlon. A door opened and like AMD, Apple has failed to step up once Microsoft got back on its feet with the launch of Windows 7. Mark my words, a combination of obsessiveness with i-devices resulting in the ignoring of Mac OS X development on the desktop will ultimate translate into lower growth on the desktop. Not that Apple really gives crap as seen by their behaviour recently but for the 'true believer' its a bit disheartening.

3) OEM's have really lifted the game; ok, they're not as 'thin' as Apple but at least they don't reach a testicle scorching 100 degrees Celsius:

This thin obsession is truly is pathetic, it is almost as bad as those who rant on about how 'noisy' their desktop or laptop is; come on, if you're spending that much time worrying about the 'thickness' or 'noise' it is clearly obvious to me you're using your laptop merely as a symbol of productivity rather than actually doing anything productive with it. Give me a +1inch laptop that doesn't scorch my balls or overheat or suffer from long term internal damage due to high temperatures.

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