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Linux Via LWN: "Lennart Poettering has put up a lengthy post describing the 'systemd' project, which is creating a new init system. The whole thing is an interesting discussion of how system initialization should work. Upstart maintainer Scott James Remnant has posted a response to the announcement."
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RE: Poedring
by obi_oni on Sun 2nd May 2010 06:13 UTC in reply to "Poedring"
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Well now. Audio on Linux was already a real mess before Lennart created Pulseaudio. And there were a lot of things that were simply impossible. Like switching your app's audio on the fly to hardware you just plugged in. Proper bluetooth headset support. Doing ssh -X and having mplayer play audio and video over the network. All things I use regularly (yes even remote AV - my old laptop doesn't have the cpu for h264 video, but plenty of bandwith), all stuff that I couldn't do before.

So maybe it took a while to get here, and Pulseaudio had problems while it was being tested by consecutively wider groups of users with more varied hardware and software combinations.

But we're in a much better place now than before Pulseaudio was here, and Lennart did all this work and just kept improving it while taking a boatload of flak from users. I'm not sure I wouldn't have taken my marbles and gone home if I had been in his position - he's got my respect.

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