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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y When computers--evolutive machines which may be reprogrammed at will--became widely available, it generated a well-deserved buzz. Some (scientists, banks, insurance companies) felt like they were dreaming, others (like some SF writers) rather thought of it as a nightmare. Today, like it or not, they're everywhere However, part of the individual-oriented computers are going rather far from the original programmable machine model. They rather look like usual tools, with a fixed use. Their customizable internals are only accessible to the people who engineered them. Is there no market anymore for general-purpose personal programmable machines, able to do about anything? I'll try to answer this question, taking into account two major trends in the personal computing market : touchscreen-powered devices and cloud computing.
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Comment by massysett
by massysett on Sun 2nd May 2010 13:49 UTC
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Yep, general purpose computing will die. Enterprises will replace thousands of PCs with iPads. Workers will type emails on fiddly touch screens. Sensitive proprietary data will be stored with Google. CAD drawings will be produced on iPhones.

Completely ridiculous.

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