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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Remember how Mark Shuttleworth justified moving the window titlebar widgets to the left by claiming the space freed up on the right side could now be used for something else? On his blog, Shuttleworth unveiled what, exactly, Ubuntu's plans are: window indicators, or 'windicators'. In a nutshell, it comes down to having a tray area in every window.
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by darknexus on Mon 3rd May 2010 22:29 UTC
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Talk about underwhelming. That's what his big idea was? Maybe he should go back to space shuttles and let more competent UI designers take over. His examples don't even make sense. A volume control? Well I don't know what apps he's using, but don't most apps that deal with audio already have a volume control? Rhythmbox, Totem, MPlayer... yup, they've all got volume sliders already. Online/offline indicators? Last I checked, there was one in most messenger's contact list window, not to mention when you right click on the tray icon it already has. Document's saved indicator? Hmm, well most wordprocessors and things like that have that. That's what that little * in front or after the filename means, it means modified but not saved. Filling up a title bar with more widgets is just going to get more confusing.
Oh, that reminds me, his other big brainstorm is to eliminate the tray entirely (notification area in GNOME terms) and completely replace it with that indicator-applet thing. Oh, boy...

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