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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Remember how Mark Shuttleworth justified moving the window titlebar widgets to the left by claiming the space freed up on the right side could now be used for something else? On his blog, Shuttleworth unveiled what, exactly, Ubuntu's plans are: window indicators, or 'windicators'. In a nutshell, it comes down to having a tray area in every window.
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RE: Sometimes, less is less
by siride on Mon 3rd May 2010 23:11 UTC in reply to "Sometimes, less is less"
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Fewer pop-ups is what we need, not more. One thing I hate about Windows, or at least the Windows program culture, is pop-up balloons and message boxes. All these do is distract you and rarely provide useful information or effective program interaction. And since Windows is really terrible about focus stealing, these usually end up resulting in accidental actions in the pop up windows, such as hitting OK to dismiss an important error or warning message, or entering text in a new IM window (and thus not for the intended recipient).

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