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Apple Well, this is interesting, and, I must say, rather surprising: the New York Post is reporting that the US Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission are looking into launching an antitrust probe into Apple's policies. You'd expect this to be about iTunes, but that's just the thing: it's about the Adobe-Apple spat. Update: Since I'm not familiar with the entire US media landscape, I was unaware the New York Post is considered less than reputable. Still, Reuters has confirmed the Post's report, so maybe it's true after all.
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RE[2]: Let's see...
by sithlord2 on Tue 4th May 2010 08:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Let's see..."
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"If developers want to create an app that violates all those requirements, sure, they can develop it, but it won't be sold by Apple in the AppStore, sorry, but Apple in no way prevents developers from preventing for other devices

As usual : sure, there's no problem with apple not selling some app in their store because they dislike it. The problem is when they forbid any other store to sell it.

That's where your console analogy is deeply flawed : if I can't sell my Xbox game in the one and only Microsoft store in the world (yay ^^), I can still sell it in another store. If you don't find Bioshock in a Microsoft Store, you can buy it somewhere else. Can you say the same about apple's App Store ? No ? Then clearly something looks wrong.

No, your analogy is flawed: No matter where you buy your game, it will always have to be approved by Microsoft (and pay a license fee for every game you develop).

Following the monopoly-idea that Apple is supposed to have, I know of a few other ones:

- Texas Instruments has a monopoly in Texas Instruments calculators
- Casio has a monopoly in Casio calculators
- Toyota has a monopoly in Toyota cars
- Mercedes has a monopoly in Mercedes cars

This way, every company has a monopoly some how...

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