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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Discussions of Apple's strict control over the app store often do not mention that you can deploy cross platform apps using web applications. HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS should allow you to create compelling, applications without having to distribute through Apple. "I am convinced that the HTML5 app route is the best one for a fat slice of the non-game iPhone apps currently out there, especially those that are simple and face stiff competition. Increased interoperability will help them more than a relative lack of eye candy will hinder them. The problem is convincing clients of that."
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RE[4]: Not a viable alternative
by Nycran on Wed 5th May 2010 04:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Not a viable alternative"
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["Yea but we already have that functionality within existing frameworks. Form based apps can already be handled with ruby on rails or asp ajax."]

Nope. If you write a forms based app using a standard server based setup then TCP/IP latency creates a significant usability issue. I experienced this first hand with an app I wrote using that model. If you have a flaky 3G connection, you go through a tunnel, etc, bang, you've lost the ability to use the app and the user goes away frustrated. HTML5 does away with that by allowing the developer to store data in a local SQLite database, and caching the full application locally (including images, js files, css files, etc). When you start a HTML5 application (which you can do by tapping an icon on the iPhone apps screen, just like any other app), it has no need to make a single TCP/IP request. Instead of making the user wait, the app starts and the user starts being productive immediately. The same holds true as you navigate from form to form, add new records, edit records, etc. All in all a superior experience.

And, look at phonegap! You can upload your apps into the app store, charge for it, make profit, etc, like any other app. Just sayin'.

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