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Legal All the way back in 2007 (The Year Gilmore Girls ended), a company called IP Innovation sued Red Hat and Novell over a patent related to the concept of virtual desktops. It seems like common sense hasn't been drained entirely from the US justice system, since yesterday, the courts declared said patent invalid.
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My fear is that they've completed the 2010 quota for rational decisions and will now return to the normal US legal level of clear thought for the remainder of the year.

Oh, that's sooo nasty of you. But I love it.

No, no one comments on the 2007 reference to the ending of Gilmore Girls?

Well, not much to say... although such an association would have (probably) never come to my mind.

Look at that patent for instance:
It has been granted in 2006, and it's about patenting linked lists! The USPTO gave it a pass. I wouldn't be surprised to find multiple duplicate patents if I had time to review all this crap they call inventions.
I don't believe the court takes the USPTO seriously at this point.

Patenting linked lists... I am so baffled I don't even know what to think. Linked lists. Are we talking about the data structure that Donald Knuth wrote pages about in TAOCP?
But the biggest concerns I can think of right now are 1- what the USPTO thinks of itself after such blunders and 2- what the American people think of the USPTO.

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