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Legal All the way back in 2007 (The Year Gilmore Girls ended), a company called IP Innovation sued Red Hat and Novell over a patent related to the concept of virtual desktops. It seems like common sense hasn't been drained entirely from the US justice system, since yesterday, the courts declared said patent invalid.
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RE: Prior art? That's it?
by karl on Wed 5th May 2010 09:44 UTC in reply to "Prior art? That's it?"
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yep, you hit the nail on the head.

But the head of that nail is not particularly capitalistic. The parasites that manifest in capitalism have certain characteristics-in other systems the parasites have different characteristics, of which some are likely far more preferable.

Thom, like many other need to learn something very simple and very fundamental.

All systems have parasites. Systems without parasites only exist in theory or as dead systems.

If you have a problem with the parasites of a system one must change the system. This will not eliminate the parasites, rather it will eliminate the particular types of parasites that exist within that type of system. Some types of parasites are far preferable to other types. But there will always be parasites.

Remember, from the point of view of the million of parasites in your system(your body), you are the parasite ;) .

When you identify something and determine that it shouldn't exist, you must first ask what is it in the current system that necessitates their existence. Then once one understands the role in the system that the parasite plays, one can begin to evaluate whether another configuration(ie. another type of system) with it's inherit parasites may be preferable to the current state of affairs. This reasoning does not imply that one should not try to change things, on the contrary it helps us to design systems where we can account for and be responsible for the types of parasites given life by the new system.

For every economy there is a negative economy of that which is not counted. The sum of these economies is never 0. The existence of negative economy is not justified by that which we count, and likewise that which we count(value, hold dearly, etc.) is not justified by that which we do not count(ignore, oversee etc)

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