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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Discussions of Apple's strict control over the app store often do not mention that you can deploy cross platform apps using web applications. HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS should allow you to create compelling, applications without having to distribute through Apple. "I am convinced that the HTML5 app route is the best one for a fat slice of the non-game iPhone apps currently out there, especially those that are simple and face stiff competition. Increased interoperability will help them more than a relative lack of eye candy will hinder them. The problem is convincing clients of that."
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Comment by Nycran
by Nycran on Wed 5th May 2010 11:32 UTC
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"HTML 5, Javascript, etc. applications do not hold a candle compared to a native applications. Requiring to have access to internet in order to run just a simple a application is ridiculous. Why do I need to be chained to the internet for running an application?"

You don't. A HTML5 app (especially one packaged using PhoneGap) does not need to make Internet requests at all. Local storage and cache API's mean the app can run completely locally. The only difference is that instead of targeting cocoa for the GUI, you're targeting webkit. I'm thinking a lot of people aren't yet understanding what HTML5 brings to the table. It doesn't solve application development for every category (e.g. games), but it is mighty interesting.

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