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Legal All the way back in 2007 (The Year Gilmore Girls ended), a company called IP Innovation sued Red Hat and Novell over a patent related to the concept of virtual desktops. It seems like common sense hasn't been drained entirely from the US justice system, since yesterday, the courts declared said patent invalid.
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Software Patents
by ano69 on Thu 6th May 2010 09:55 UTC
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Another example of the very , very bad idea of having a system for patenting software.

U.S. tried in last decade to shift from innovating / manufacturing world leader to "intellectual property license issuer of the world" (including media content). Just sell the rights, no efforts, almost pure profit.

But it won't work that way, and the current crisis proves that shifting the mfg. to China has bad consequences.

If U.S. doesn't reform their patent system (esp. regarding the software patents), they will further go down that way -- patent trolls, endless suing (which drains companies out of cash to defend itself), and this is obviously not the way to bring the economy up and regain the innovation crown.

I hope that U.S. will fail to impose the rotten patent system and other "measures" (ACTA, DMCA) to other countries.

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