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Internet & Networking Another blow for Flash. As Adobe is stating that they will make the best tools for HTML5, another major website using Flash has announced they're switching over to HTML5. Scribd, which provides in-browser access to all sorts of documents and e-books uploaded by users, will ditch its Flash-based website in favour of a brand-new HTML5 version.
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RE: Scribd sucks.
by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 6th May 2010 10:06 UTC in reply to "Scribd sucks."
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Good news, although I'm sure scribd will still suck.

I just used the Flash version for the first time, and indeed sucks. But why would the new "Still suck"? Is there something about Scribd I don't know? I didn't know what it was until just now.

More to the point though, what exactly are they doing now that couldn't be done with HTML4? Google's PDF quickview seems to manage fine without HTML5 or flash.

Google's PDF quickview is just that - displaying a PDF in a frame. Scribd's produces an actual web page. That's quite something different.

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