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Hardware, Embedded Systems In 2009 ARM showed off prototype netbooks "capable of driving HD content, can surf the web for 8 hours, and will cost round and about 250 USD". Yet still, none have made it to the market. Why do you think this is so? Because ARM signed a deal with Adobe in 2008 to bring Flash and AIR to the ARM architecture, a promise they will finally deliver later this year. And you wonder why Apple won't have Flash on the iPhone when it can hold back an entire product category for two years.
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Yer, I free admit I wasn't noting who wrote what and only noticed the anti-Flash bias. ;-)

I assume you mean Apple by "But neither do we like being told what to think, or see some company with a hidden agenda limit our choices just to increase their own market share and profitability."

I don't think ARM are doing an Apple. They are just saying Flash is a problem for them getting devices to market, and I think that probably is true. A iPhone might be able to get away with it because it's not just a web browser, but devices that are mainly web devices would seam pretty rubbish if they can't access big chunks of the web.

I disagree with Apple on many many things, but not being pro-Flash isn't one of them. Them claiming it's about freedom then being pro-h264, and further locking down the iStore, is just a little hard to swallow though.

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