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Hardware, Embedded Systems In 2009 ARM showed off prototype netbooks "capable of driving HD content, can surf the web for 8 hours, and will cost round and about 250 USD". Yet still, none have made it to the market. Why do you think this is so? Because ARM signed a deal with Adobe in 2008 to bring Flash and AIR to the ARM architecture, a promise they will finally deliver later this year. And you wonder why Apple won't have Flash on the iPhone when it can hold back an entire product category for two years.
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RE[6]: RiscOS no no no no
by bhtooefr on Thu 6th May 2010 10:45 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: RiscOS no no no no"
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The problem is... you know the kind of users that use Windows 98 and a Celeron 333 from 1998, today, because it works for them, although they might want something faster, but can't figure out that newfangled Windows XP?

That's probably half of the active RISC OS users. And I'm not joking. We're talking about users that are so inflexible to learning new things, that they are completely unable to use anything that isn't RISC OS.

And, the PC-based solutions, right now, are booting a full Windows, and then booting RISC OS. If something goes tits up on the Windows side, they're completely lost.

The other half of the users are doing it for fun or for profit (and get into terrible flamewars with each other quite often, because the ones doing it for profit are ruining the platform,) and are your typical retrocomputing community, that completely failed to learn from the Amiga community.

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