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Hardware, Embedded Systems In 2009 ARM showed off prototype netbooks "capable of driving HD content, can surf the web for 8 hours, and will cost round and about 250 USD". Yet still, none have made it to the market. Why do you think this is so? Because ARM signed a deal with Adobe in 2008 to bring Flash and AIR to the ARM architecture, a promise they will finally deliver later this year. And you wonder why Apple won't have Flash on the iPhone when it can hold back an entire product category for two years.
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The logic is a little obscure here.

Why could they not introduce a notebook without flash, like Apple has, if Adobe was late with it? Apple has done it by means of a ban, but it shows they could have launched without it, if Apple can.

Why is it a reasonable response to this for Apple to ban flash based applications from their notebook? I understand that if its not there, you can't include it, but why do you have to ban it if it eventually becomes available?

The argument makes no sense. What most people think is, introduce whatever hardware and systems you want, and let people run whatever they want on it. Nothing in the history of Adobe makes that an unreasonable thing to want.

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