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Hardware, Embedded Systems In 2009 ARM showed off prototype netbooks "capable of driving HD content, can surf the web for 8 hours, and will cost round and about 250 USD". Yet still, none have made it to the market. Why do you think this is so? Because ARM signed a deal with Adobe in 2008 to bring Flash and AIR to the ARM architecture, a promise they will finally deliver later this year. And you wonder why Apple won't have Flash on the iPhone when it can hold back an entire product category for two years.
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Stupid strategy.
by baryluk on Thu 6th May 2010 13:49 UTC
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I'm waiting for some smartbooks really long. I want them now! I do not want flash at all (it sucks, especially on Linux). I want to run Linux with decent webbrower with HTML5 video, accelerated XVideo and good old mplayer. And I saw it was working many months ago.

So, give me it now!

I really do not understand why they are delaying this products. THey are very cool, and by waiting they just giving Intel a time to smaller the gap, which isn't good for ARM.

It is stupid to postpone selling good hardware because of external company. If they want flash, they should pay more to Gnash project.

Why they can't sell this smartbooks just with Android or Ubuntu without flash, and if they want continue working on Flash with Adobe, to update it later?

Apple somehow managed to do this with iPad (there is no Flash right? and it is ARM right?). So what is the problem? We have already decent decoding of ogg or h.264 on this machines.

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