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Legal While Eugenia has already detailed just how intricate and impressive the MPEG-LA's efforts have been to basically set up the foundations that would allow them to sue just about everyone - their vague and unclear licenses are used in everything from DVD players to digital camcorders, and as such, it's hard to avoid them. Many others claim that the MPEG-LA won't ever go rogue (or this, take your pick). I think those people will be interested to know that one of the MPEG-LA's subsidiaries, a cut-and-clear patent troll, has launched several patent infringement suits earlier this year. This patent troll's CEO? Larry Horn - yes, the same Larry Horn who's also CEO of the MPEG-LA.
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The logic in this article...
by koffie on Thu 6th May 2010 16:20 UTC
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The logic in this article is where?

It's not because the CEO of MobileMedia Ideas is the same, that the MPEG-LA itself has any connection to it, and certainly not that if Apple gets sued and has to pay, that Apple would receive any of the money this MobileMedia Ideas company would receive from them through this legal way...

Apple, Microsoft, or any other MPEG-LA member would only receive licensing money when someone takes a license for one of the patent pools which MPEG-LA manages, which includes their patents managed by the MPEG-LA. Nobody ever said these patents MobileMedia Idea's now sues for were ever in a pool managed by the MPEG-LA. Apple and Microsoft also have tons of patents for which they could sue any other MPEG-LA member when they would violate it.

While the MPEG-LA certainly isn't my favorite organisation, this article is just FUD.

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