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Legal While Eugenia has already detailed just how intricate and impressive the MPEG-LA's efforts have been to basically set up the foundations that would allow them to sue just about everyone - their vague and unclear licenses are used in everything from DVD players to digital camcorders, and as such, it's hard to avoid them. Many others claim that the MPEG-LA won't ever go rogue (or this, take your pick). I think those people will be interested to know that one of the MPEG-LA's subsidiaries, a cut-and-clear patent troll, has launched several patent infringement suits earlier this year. This patent troll's CEO? Larry Horn - yes, the same Larry Horn who's also CEO of the MPEG-LA.
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. Nobody ever said these patents MobileMedia Idea's now sues for were ever in a pool managed by the MPEG-LA.

What are you on about? Nobody - certainly not this article - is suggesting anything like that.

I think you really need to actually READ the article. It seems like to me you didn't read AT ALL.

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