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Hardware, Embedded Systems Lies, damned lies, and statistics. A really annoying overused catchphrase which sadly happens to be an adequate description of a story which appeared on Fortune's website, in which a Morgan Stanley report is quoted as saying that the introduction of tablet computers - the iPad specifically - have caused netbook sales to plummet. It seems like the researcher in question, however, needs to learn how to read her own graphs.
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RE: Again I would never buy one
by qortra on Thu 6th May 2010 20:50 UTC in reply to "Again I would never buy one"
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I agree with some of that, but I think three of the largest attractions for netbooks were their portability, battery life, and price, none of which is typical of your average notebook up until recently. My theory is that the netbook market is being cannibalized by the CULV notebooks which share these qualities.

For the last half year, you could get CULVs in screens sizes 11"-15" with battery lives up to 12 hours, a worthy match for even the most battery-conscious netbooks. Some of the popular CULV product lineups such as Asus UL and Acer Timeline are reasonably priced as well (starting at $500ish). The Intel SU series processors that most of them use wipe the floor with netbooks and their Atom processors. Also, their gains in popularity are well correlated with the drop in netbook growth (as presented by the article).

As a sibling poster said, the target market are those people who want to do some low-medium intensity computing while watching some TV. I would take a CULV notebook over some desktop-replacement behemoth in a flash for purpose.

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