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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The recently released 10.04 version of Ubuntu is the third Long Term Support (LTS) version Canonical has released. I installed this new version on four of my laptops (2 netbooks, 1 normal laptop, 1 portable desktop replacement), and here's my impression of it.
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RE: Mandriva is much better
by earksiinni on Fri 7th May 2010 05:04 UTC in reply to "Mandriva is much better"
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I have to disagree. I just switched to Lucid after using Mandriva for a few months (previously, I had switched to Mandriva as Ubuntu's ath9k drivers hadn't quite stabilized yet), and boy am I glad to be done with that. Credit where credit is due: the control panel is nice, although I think in terms of design it is very amateurishly done and poorly integrated with the desktop (there were even some grammatical errors, if I recall correctly). The rest of it, however, drove me insane. Putting the laptop to sleep would occasionally result in random ext4 errors, dumping me to console; on that note, the console sometimes would just stop working altogether. When you brought up Mandriva's "6 month release cycle" you forgot to mention how the update manager pesters you almost daily with updates, and not just one or two but sometimes ten or twenty. Certainly not the path to a stable system.

No complaints about Lucid so far =).

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