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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The recently released 10.04 version of Ubuntu is the third Long Term Support (LTS) version Canonical has released. I installed this new version on four of my laptops (2 netbooks, 1 normal laptop, 1 portable desktop replacement), and here's my impression of it.
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RE[7]: lethal upgrade
by lemur2 on Fri 7th May 2010 10:12 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: lethal upgrade"
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" It is crystal clear to me which of these OS systems is better for use on the desktop for average people, and unequivocally it isn't Windows.

Just keep that tiring Linux advocacy going and the world will care. Right.

Remember to put some M-dollar-signs there to make it more convincing.

This, people will notice, has absolutely nothing to do with the point. A blatant attempt at deflection, nothing more.

The point being that the "desktop experience" with Ubuntu was vastly superior to that with Windows, in every way. Installing the OS, booting it, running it, updating it, upgrading it, keeping it free of malware, keeping it free of nags and from ads begging for your money, keeping it tidy and running smoothly, adding functionality ... whatever you name, the experience is better with a good Linux distribution.

BTW, as far as updates goes ... here in Australia, ISPs like to charge a fortune for bandwidth. This is offset somewhat by ISPs offering local mirrors for some files which do not count towards bandwidth usage. My own ISP is Internode, and this is their "unmetered" mirror site:

There is a choice of twenty or so Linux distributions mirrored here, so one can choose from any of those and updates can be downloaded "unmetered".

There is no mirror, however, you will notice, for "Windows Updates". These have to be downloaded from a Microsoft server.

In Australia, if you have a low data cap, such as for a mobile broadband USB modem for example, you simply cannot afford to keep that Windows system updated. It would cost you a fortune in Internet bandwidth fees.

Once again, the experience with Linux is vastly superior.

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