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Hardware, Embedded Systems Lies, damned lies, and statistics. A really annoying overused catchphrase which sadly happens to be an adequate description of a story which appeared on Fortune's website, in which a Morgan Stanley report is quoted as saying that the introduction of tablet computers - the iPad specifically - have caused netbook sales to plummet. It seems like the researcher in question, however, needs to learn how to read her own graphs.
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Comment by Netfun81
by Netfun81 on Fri 7th May 2010 17:41 UTC
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I think the idea that the iPad is a fad is a joke. I have never bought an apple product before and I already have two iPads. It is a great device to use when watching tv or moving around the house. All my friends that have seen mine have rushed out and bought one too. Yes its a big iPod touch but the screen size makes all the difference. The net on a tiny screen just sucks and typing on a touch is too small. The iPad is as durable as a netbook, maybe more so when put in a case. I truely belive that tablets will kill the netbook market..which is a good thing since they are just shitty little laptops.

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