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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Dear Ubuntu, for the last couple years life has been good. Every time I've shown you to a friend or family member, they've compared you to what they're familiar with--Windows XP or Vista, mostly--and by comparison you've looked brilliant. Yeah, your ugly brown color scheme was a bit off-putting at first, but once people saw how secure, simple, and reliable you were, the response was almost universally positive. But recently, things have changed ..."
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Comment by daedalus8
by daedalus8 on Sun 9th May 2010 13:22 UTC
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It's not like I want to mock you or anything, but I believe this is a quite a biased article. I don't believe your friend has enough experience in the security field to be able to say that one OS is more secure than the other. Windows UAC is really not as secured as you think, sure Windows has made LOTS of improvements in this area but I believe that Linux still has the upper hand.

Secondly, that sarcasm about spending 6 hours per computer to change the UI is totally out of proportion, and frankly, very disappointing, I can tell that your friend installed Linux in a VM and took a couple of screen-shots and was done with it. Also, have you tried changing the Windows 7 UI? Yep, you either need to patch the OS or use custom paid tools. Linux is free and is quite easy these days.

I do have to say that Windows 7 is a very big step in the right direction for Microsoft and I applaud their efforts into making a reliable OS.

I also have to agree with the latter piece of the article where he talks about the relationship between Canonical and the developers. I have to say that the buttons issue is just the tip of the iceberg. I think that the community is starting to grow tired about their voices not being heard, and I just hope that Canonical realizes this and starts putting a little bit more effort into hearing what their customers/developers want and not what they think is right.

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