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Java Programmers agonize over whether to allocate on the stack or on the heap. Some people think garbage collection will never be as efficient as direct memory management, and others feel it is easier to clean up a mess in one big batch than to pick up individual pieces of dust throughout the day. This article pokes some holes in the oft-repeated performance myth of slow allocation in JVMs.
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"But Sun Microsystems doesn't use Java to implement OpenOffice. Is this an admission by Sun that Java is too slow even for Sun's own product line?"

Not at all. OpenOffice is the open source version of StarOffice. And StarOffice was both written before Java was invented, and was not even written by Sun. Sun bought StarOffice from a German company.

And once again, I would point out that there are at least two office suites written in Java that I know of. One is ThinkFree. And ThinkFree makes OpenOffice look dog slow.

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