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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Dear Ubuntu, for the last couple years life has been good. Every time I've shown you to a friend or family member, they've compared you to what they're familiar with--Windows XP or Vista, mostly--and by comparison you've looked brilliant. Yeah, your ugly brown color scheme was a bit off-putting at first, but once people saw how secure, simple, and reliable you were, the response was almost universally positive. But recently, things have changed ..."
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Actually, every single version of Linux is hideously vulnerable to the user sitting at the keyboard.

Windows has made huge strides in protecting the user from himself. Linux has not.

Windows has shoved anti-virus software that is in many ways more disastrous than the malicious software that it claims to "protect" against. As several articles in the past have proven, including a recent news article, they are failing miserably at it. Windows has given us UAC, which has proven to be nothing more than a PITA to get developers (including Microsoft themselves, how ironic) to write software in a more sane, less-privilaged way. Yet all it takes is a click of "OK" to get full admin privileges--what a joke, every Windows user is trained right from the start to simply click "OK," "Next," "Continue," or "Yes" to get to what they want (oldest trick in the book for Windows scammers and malware writers).

Meanwhile, Linux continues to be resistant to viruses and other malware by its very design, and has had non-root users as its main user type for how long now? The way I see it, Windows is just catching up with Linux and other UNIX and UNIX-like systems. Linux can just sit back, fixing bugs that matter to it, which luckily doesn't include constant "virus taking over the whole system, stealing data and joining a botnet" crap.

The "advances" Linux has made to "protect" users from themselves seem like a joke in comparison. Two that come to mind are X.Org not allowing Ctrl+Alt+Bksp to kill the X server and all child processes, and disallowing "sudo rm -rf /" for anyone dumb enough to be fooled into doing it.

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