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BeOS & Derivatives Two news items about alternative operating system news in a row? What is this, Christmas? In any case, the Haiku project, the darling of OSNews (hey it's okay now), has released its second alpha release. This new stable development release contains some serious improvements over the first alpha.
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by drcouzelis on Mon 10th May 2010 14:08 UTC in reply to "Comment by Darak"
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What is the current state of the graphics drivers? In alpha 1, many modern videocards revert to VESA, and are barely usable in current TFT monitors with non-VESA resolutions. Any progress in this area?

As you mentioned, if Haiku doesn't have a driver for your video card then it will use the VESA driver. The VESA driver is very good, but it is only possible for it to support a specific set of screen resolutions, none of which are wide screen:

You can learn more about which video cards have native drivers in Haiku by looking at the source code:;a=tree;f=src/add-ons/kernel/drive...

As far as I can tell, Radeon cards up to R420 are supported, and Nvidia cards up to the GeForce 7 series are supported, and it looks like most of the Intel integrated video cards are supported. Other video cards are supported as well. Work is being done on the "radeon_hd" driver.

My Radeon X850 works well.

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