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BeOS & Derivatives Two news items about alternative operating system news in a row? What is this, Christmas? In any case, the Haiku project, the darling of OSNews (hey it's okay now), has released its second alpha release. This new stable development release contains some serious improvements over the first alpha.
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Has there been any active software development in BeOS or Haiku in the last few years or is everything still from back in the late 90's when the plug was pulled?

I am at present what could be called a Haiku fanboi, but I have the same question (: As other commenters have pointed out, there are definitely examples of new software being developed. The question is, how many new programs are there? What sort of programs are still waiting to be written? How many old ones are still nice to use?

I've been rooting around and
Once I install Alpha 2 and start playing with all the software that is out there on the sites above and in the "Optional Packages" collection, I'll start to get an idea as to what's good, both old and new.

Hopefully it's not all "from ten years ago." Even if that's the case, however, sometimes those programs are clean and useful and well-designed. I believe BeAE (found on Haikuware in the Multimedia/Audio/Audio Editing section) is an open source version of a venerable program written many years ago for BeOS. I've yet to test it out though. I am especially interested in what's availabe for sound recording and editing. I understand this was one of the primary uses of the BeOS. (And, it would seem, still is. See iZ Systems RADAR.)

[I realize Haikuware was mentioned in an earlier comment, but I don't think repeating the link can hurt.]

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