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Amiga & AROS Ah, the AmigaOne x1000 - now that the summer is approaching, the powerful next-generation Amiga machine is getting ever closer to being officially unveiled and launched. The hardware is being developed by A-EON Technology, who formed a strategic partnership with Hyperion Entertainment, the company behind AmigaOS 4.x, with the "express purpose of developing new hardware for AmigaOS 4 and beyond". Obligement has a long and detailed interview up with Trevor Dickinson, long-time Amiga enthusiast and collector, and one of the prime forces behind A-EON.
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25 years ago, Amigas were 'state of the art'. The new Amigas are essentially average PCs. Why should we, the consumers be interested in the new Amigas?

Oh, I don't know... no Windows virii, trojan horses, etc. No DRM, No "Genuine Advantage" crap.
No Linux Dependencies garbage.

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