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Gnome At the GNOME summit in Boston, Federico Mena-Quintero held a presentation titled "Making GNOME Fast". You can view the presentation in .html and .odp.
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Windows vs Linux comments.
by stare on Mon 10th Oct 2005 00:16 UTC
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I can run 30+ apps in Linux and not even notice it. On the same machine running Windows, the UI tends to freeze up for a few seconds under heavy load. The taskbar won't respond, windows won't move. Windows will often complain that an application "does not respond". Sure, Windows is fast. But that changes quickly when you start 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, and Unreal Editor 3.0. And that's just three stupid apps.

I'm running 6 instances of Sony Vegas 6 (two of them rendering memory and CPU-hungry projects), additionally there is Photoshop 7, multiple copies of Firefox, VirtualDub, and other tools opened. Also there is a Quake3 window minimized and Nero burning the DVDRW. My Win2K system is absolutely smooth and responsive, as usual, under any load.

You are mixing up two things. Linux is a kernel, it is much more efficient at handling load when compared to windows xp.

Really? Maybe you can provide some facts? I feel the NT kernel handles the load very effectively.

That's unfair, you have to pay hunderds of dollars for good software on Windows, take MS Office as example, for that price I can buy myself a new computer.
OpenOffice is free and it's comparable to MS Office 2003.

ROTFL. Definitely the best comment of the thread.

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