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Windows Sunday night saw the release of several screenshots of Longhorn Build 5203. Many questions arose, in particular on Microsoft's Longhorn newsgroups. Mike Brannigan from Microsoft has taken the liberty to have tried to answer everyone's questions, questions often repeatedly asked.
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by unoengborg on Thu 14th Jul 2005 13:43 UTC in reply to "..."
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I think vapourware is still effective for marketing, you just need to make sure the vapours turns into solid state before similar products from your competitors hits the market. This is where Microsoft have failed this time. From what I understand MacOS-X does most if not all of the things that Longhorn will do, and Linux is to close behind to be comfortable for Microsoft.

Another thing, the vapour must smell significantly better than the food the customer allready have on his plate or he will not follow. Today winNT4/win2k/winXP fills the needs of most businesses there is really no reason to smell out slightly new flavors of windows.

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