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Amiga & AROS Ah, the AmigaOne x1000 - now that the summer is approaching, the powerful next-generation Amiga machine is getting ever closer to being officially unveiled and launched. The hardware is being developed by A-EON Technology, who formed a strategic partnership with Hyperion Entertainment, the company behind AmigaOS 4.x, with the "express purpose of developing new hardware for AmigaOS 4 and beyond". Obligement has a long and detailed interview up with Trevor Dickinson, long-time Amiga enthusiast and collector, and one of the prime forces behind A-EON.
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Extremely pricey
by 7valleys on Tue 11th May 2010 03:20 UTC
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So this is a 1.8 GHz dual core embedded PPC system for €1500? And the OS only uses 1 of the cores? You can get some serious processing power for that price!

No memory protection, no virtual memory, no serious applications. Yeah, they're porting Firefox and maybe Open Office, but I can buy three equivalent intel based Linux systems for that price and throw in a laser printer. And who's going to support the updates to Firefox and Open Office?

And all the old Amiga apps run in UAE, which I can run just fine in Linux too.

The original Amiga was cutting edge in hardware and software. I remember Video Toaster. This one is low end hardware with a few ported linux apps. It really just about bragging rights in an increasingly insular and shrinking community. This isn't an Amiga any more than modern Packard Bell was Packard Bell. They're killing the memory of Amiga whilst claiming to resurrect it.

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