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Internet & Networking A lot of articles lately have been focused on why Apple and Microsoft are the bad guys by supporting H.264 and not Theora. Well, yes, they are bad guys, but there really is not much point whining to them. It will in all likelihood fall on deaf ears, simply because they are acting in their own best interests--as MPEG stakeholders and commercial, DRM-encouraging, royalty-loving, proprietary-operating-system-hawking corporations. But that could all change--if the HTML5 spec didn't allow H.264.
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We can spend our time whining on and on to these commercial vendors, or we can cut to the chase and try to get the HTML5 spec fixed

OR you could spend your time making viable tools for handling them precious patent-free codecs. After a sensible minimm has been achieved, it doesn't even matter which codec is better in the sense of picture quality, but uploading your video to a random website to convert it to theora, as has been suggested numerous times, is NOT part of any sensible workflow, therefore NOT a contestant AT ALL.

Thing is, just the codec is only maybe half of what it takes, but in the truest form of open source, we complete half of the work and expect everyone to hail it over ~100% complete alternatives. No matter that there are no plugins for major video editing software suites. "Because it's open source, somebody surely will come along and write it, if they need to." No, they will not. If You as the codec author/contributor/fanboy did not write them glue bits, NOBODY WILL. Instead of going into the software development business, just to use your fancy codec with imaginary advantages over the others, the video people will just use the codec that has support for their favourite tools (in this case, any h264 codec).

Fix THAT, before whining to various authorities that something should be "banned", because it is "teh 3v1l".

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